GOAL: $6666

Open Fiend Market

The ultimate goal of Fiend Collectors is to create an open marketplace like Discogs or eBay, just without the hefty seller fees.

The Costs and Goals

  1. Web Hosting - we pay $177 annually for unlimited space.
  2. Domain - The domain costs about $11 per year.
  3. Web Programming
    • Marketplace - This will cost $4000.
    • Collection managing - $2000 has already been spent. We need to raise $2000 more to complete the features.

Donate Through PayPal and get limited items!

Donations over $1.38 will score you limited On Earth As It Is In Hell merch. More details to come soon.

PayPal Donation - select a fiendish amount and then click the DONATE button below.

Support us through the Punk Records Tokyo Fiend Market!

All proceeds from Punk Records Tokyo Fiend Market sales will be used to fund programming costs to build an open market. Aside from buying music, you can also get fee-less selling in the open market by making a donation.

Visit the Fiend Market at Punk Records Tokyo.

Here's a screen shot of the shop:

We are fans of the Legacy. We are not associated in any form with Danzig, Misfits, Balzac, Doyle, Michale Graves, The Undead or any other entity described on this site's discographies.
We are collectors and all photographs are from our collections, unless noted with photo credit. Non-photographed images (scans & promotional mock-ups) have been borrowed from the artists' official stores, please visit them in the Fiend Market.