We made this website to create the ultimate online database, collection manager, and open market (coming soon) for all things fiendish (Misfits and their legacy-related).

We highly respect the hard work put into Misfits Central, but it hasn't been updated for years and much of the pressing information is incorrect.

At Fiend Collectors, we try to get to the truth about these records and their variations by offering a visual map created from the collections of many collectors working together.

After logging into the site, you can click +collection and +wants to add items to your collection and want lists. Soon you will be able to sell items, but for now, use the Forum to buy, sell, and trade.

On Earth As It Is In Hell

On Earth As It Is In Hell is the limited edition printed unofficial fanzine that covers the complete Glenn Danzig vinyl discography. It delves deeper into the records than we have room for on this website and features interviews, photo layouts, and detailed information about each pressing.

  1. Vol.1: Earth A.D. (released 2017-02)
  2. Vol.2: Singles & EPs (coming soon)
  3. Vol.3: Walk Among Us
  4. Vol.4: Samhain
  5. Vol.5: Danzig
  6. Vol.6: Secret

You can sign up for our mailing list at fiendcollectors.com/onearthasitisinhell. Vol.1 sold out in a few hours. We'll print how many copies we have people signed up for and a little more. Please note, On Earth As It Is In Hell is an unofficial fanzine and has no professional relationship with any of the artists. All graphics in the zine were drawn by us or are of photos of our actual collections.

How To Use Fiend Collectors

Q. How do I add my collection to Fiend Collectors?

A. 0. You must be registered. Click Login to get started.

  1. Login
  2. Click +collection under items that you own.
  3. Click +want under items you would like in your want list.
  4. Click Collections in the top navigation menu to manage your collection.
  5. You can add mupltiple copies of an item in Collections.
  6. If you can't find an item you own, we need to add it to our database. To do so:

Submitting to Fiend Collectors

Q. How do I add an item to the Fiend Collectors' database?

A. We are always in need of new items to add. Please use the contact form.
Please be aware that we have strict rules for photographs and we reject about 90% of the submissions we receive.
Photos should:

  1. 1. Have as minimal angle as possible.
  2. 2. Have no reflection. There are two ways to achieve this with vinyl, glossy covers, or other reflective surfaces:
    • A. Use a portable or photo studio that you can purchase online for $60.
    • B. The DIY method: in a large black poster board, cut a small hole for your lens and hold your (phone) camera over it while taking pictures. This is what I do.
  3. 3. Use natural daylight lighting from a window (unless you have a photo studio).

Buying and Selling on Fiend Collectors

Our ultimate goal is to create an open market like at Discogs. To do so would cost $3000 in programming fees. We are trying to raise the money with the Fiend Market and Donation features. Donators will receive special rare limited items from On Earth As It Is In Hell.

Adding a band to Fiend Collectors

Q. How do I get my band on Fiend Collectors?

A. Bands featured on Fiend Collectors must meet the following criteria:

  1. The band would not have existed if not for Glenn Danzig.
  2. The band's output must be collectible.
  3. The band must be successful.
  4. The band's music must be fiendish.
  5. (Or in some cases, the band must be friends with me. Life ain't fair.)

We probably don't want your local band.
If your band meets the above criteria, please use the Contact form to get started.


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We are fans of the Legacy (except Graves, fuck him). We are not associated in any form with Danzig, Misfits, Balzac, Doyle, The Other, The Undead or any other entity described on this site's discographies. We are collectors and all photographs are from our collections, unless noted with photo credit. Non-photographed images (scans & promotional mock-ups) have been borrowed from the artists' official stores, please visit them in the Fiend Market.